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Wednesday, 29. June 2022 00:09
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Thursday, 7. March 2013 02:31  Write a comment

Thank you so much for your wonderful trip report. I'm mesmerized reading it and I'm just on the first installment. We are planning trip to Italy (Florence/Tuscany) early September, so I am very interested in your information.

I may have questions, but in the meantime, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post such a wonderful report of your trip.


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Rene Creasy  
Virginia USA
Sunday, 30. December 2012 01:27  Write a comment Send E-mail

I have been enjoying your blog, especially your trip to NYC. I hope you don't mind that I have been making a parody using some of your photos from your NYC trip. I am an artist and a hobby chicken farmer. I have been using a photo of one of my hens and adding it to other photos to do a series of parody art graphics called Photo Bomb Betty. Betty is the hen. My facebook fans love her Photobomb pictures. I leave your copyright info on the photo so folks can refer back to your blog.
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Monday, 12. November 2012 06:57  Write a comment


Thanks so much for sharing your travel stories with us! I found your page from a forum on Frommer\'s website. I currently live in Germany (from the U.S.) and am trying to make the most of my stay here. Keep traveling and please keep posting about it. thanks!
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Wednesday, 31. October 2012 19:46  Write a comment

I came back from Paris 2 weeks back and your report has awakened memories. Good flow, easy to read, I appreciate your writing.

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Wednesday, 24. October 2012 21:14  Write a comment

My husband I are traveling to Rome in the Spring from North Carolina USA. I haven't been since I was a teacher with a group of 20 students 1994. I had forgotten we stayed close to the Termini as well to best manage all their gear. Thank you for taking the time to share your stay in Rome. I hope you still have this address up. You have been very kind and informative.

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Wednesday, 5. September 2012 22:19  Write a comment

Hi Gard. I was just realizing I hadn't seen you around Fodor's in a long time, then I realized you've been hanging out in the Asia area? Glad you see you and your lovely wife are still happy, healthy and enjoying the world!
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Thursday, 16. August 2012 12:11  Write a comment Send E-mail

I enjoy the content on your websites! I like the way in which you really have gone over the topic. .. Kudos... Prolong the awesome work! Although...I'd much like to come across a tad more advice on european immigration to south africa... RGDS :)
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Tuesday, 5. June 2012 09:40  Write a comment

Hello Gard,

Just wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying your writings about your trip to Florence and Tuscany. I don't even remember where I stumbled across your link (while planning our trip to the same locations), but am sure glad I did :))
My husband and I have six days to visit Florence and Tuscany this coming October, prior to attending a conference in Brussels. We are slowly, but surely "seeing" Europe one-week-at-a-time by extending an annual business trip each year! He hates being away from the office so this is the way we have to do it.
While researching for this trip, I quickly realized that I needed to apply my motto of "less is more", and cut down by half the number of places we can see.....Tuscany is going to require another week at least, sometime in the future.

Thanks for your informative site.
Happy travels!
From a reader in Canada,
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Trip Guy  
Tuesday, 29. May 2012 10:00  Write a comment Send E-mail

I love your website it showed me a lot of things that i can do with when I travel thanks!
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California, USA
Saturday, 12. May 2012 00:45  Write a comment

thank you Gard and Nikki, I am planning our trip to NYC, and really enjoyed reading your two trips there. Good info and funny to read too. thanks!
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