Trip to Kilimanjaro - September 2003
Pictures from the trip

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On this page you will find pictures from the Kilimanjaro trip. They are more or less sorted in the right order. Please move the cursor over each picture to get a tool tip with more information.

My tiny plane from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro International airport

We had to stop and wait for cattle to cross the road

Desmond giving us a briefing on what lies ahead

Saturday market outside Moshi

Avril and Gayle relaxing in the garden at Marangu hotel

Mawenzi seen from Marangu hotel

Avril has to give information on what she is planning on wearing

Avril is trying to distribute money in the tipping game

Entering the Kilimanjaro National Park not far from the hotel

We met quite a lot of children while we were out walking

A little girl that we met during our little walk

The very first sight of Kibo from the Marangu hotel

A lot of stuff had to be packed before we could leave

The truck taking us to Machame gate

Matt, Gard and Avril at the Machame gate. Ready to embark on the adventure

Lunch break in the cloud forest on the way to Machame camp

The new trail on the way to Machame gate

One of the toilets at Machame camp

The first toilet we came to was not a pretty sight

Avril, Gayle and Matt at the tents at Machame camp

Gayle and Matt in the mess tent

The layout of the tent...Matt on the right side and my sleeping bag on the left side

Mess tent in the background, blue telt was used for cooking

On our way from Machame camp to Shira

No views at our lunch stop at day 2

A standard lunch pack: two sandwiches, a banana, an orange and a cookie

It was great to have the poles when walking

Our tent at the Shira camp

A porter with a view to Kilimanjaro near Shira

View from Shira at sunset, Mount Meru in the horizon

The sunset was beautiful

Clouds at Shira

On the way toward new heights after the Shira camp

On our way from Shira camp...altitude getting close to 4000 meters

Glacier on the slopes of Kibo

View to Kibo on the path between Shira and Barranco

On the trail between Shira and Barranco

Matt was not feeling great at Barranco but Avril was in a great mood

A morning view to Kibo from the Barranco camp

A tent with a view - Barranco camp site

Our guide Nelson and porters on the way up Barranco wall

Train between Barranco and Karanga valley

It got pretty cold when we got closer to Barafu camp

Freezing my ass of at the Barafu camp

Seeing the sunrise over Mawenzi was beautiful

View from Stella Point - this is the trail where we came up

Gayle got some help to get to Stella Point :-)

I was feeling a bit proud (and very tired) at Stella Point

View to Uhuru Peak from Stella Point

The entire gang in one picture at Stella Point

Avril and Gayle are resting at Stella Point with a cup of tea

Southern icefield seen on the way from Stella Point

Southern icefield seen on the way from Stella Point to Uhuru Peak

Furtwangler glacier seen from Uhuru Peak - Northern icefield seen in the background

Matt, Gard and Avril at Uhuru Peak

The evidence - Gard at Uhuru Peak

On the way to Mweka camp - tired and trying to get some energy from a chocolate

Trail leading down to Mweka camp

Morning view to Kibo from Mweka

Happy trekkers at Mweka camp

Drinks in the garden at the Marangu hotel

Matt is getting his gold certificate

From the garden at Marangu hotel

The cottage that we stayed in at Marangu hotel

My Kilimanjaro certificate

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