Trip to Kilimanjaro - September 2003
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Here are some links to other good Kilimanjaro pages. - In February 2008 the Brown brothers, Greg & Gary joined up with 4 others to trek the Machame Route. Check out the trip report on their homepage. Journal.pdf - John Price climbed Kilimanjaro in February 2005 and this is his report. This is a 2.5 MB PDF file so it will take a bit of time to open. - The very first Kilimanjaro trip report I read. Paul Shepherd-Smith and Jon Hind used Zara and they also did the Machame route. Their walk took place in June 2000. - Jim Nussbaumer tells about his experience when trekking the Machame route in January 2002. This group also used Marangu hotel as their tour guide. - Eric Cheng tells about his experience when he went trekking the Machame route in January 2001. This group used Zara as their tour guide. - A guy tells about his trekking using the Machame route in September 2001. - Marcee Kleinman has a good page with lots of info on preperations. She did her climb in August 2001 - Stephen & Theresa Woo's does the Shira Plateau Route in February 1999 using Wilderness Travel. - This site has a good forum if you have any questions about Kilimanjaro (or any other mountain)


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